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Hardy Oatmeal Breakfast

I eat this every morning. The oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate/protein for energy to start   your day and will work for you 3-4 hours. It has fiber to start your day clean, fruit for immediate sugar, nuts for healthy fats and more protein and some extra surprises!

This recipe is to make a batch for the week. It makes about 8 servings of  1 1/2 C. I make it on Sunday’s, seprate it out into convenient tupperware single serving sizes, put my toppings on in the morning and heat it in the microwave for a a minute and thirty seconds.

In a pot put 6 cups water and 2 cups milk or substitute (almond, hemp, coconut, rice)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 TBSP cinnamon (slows sugar absorption in the body and is good for cardiovascular)
1 Tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. sea salt or Nu Salt
McCanes 3 min. oatmeal or other of your preference

Just when the liquids and spices start to move a little, I stick in 2 c. oatmeal. In three min. it’s done and you can dish it out!

Top with: dried cherries (sulphite free!), walnuts, berries, wheat germ, and hemp seeds.

About Hemp Foods

Smoothie Breakfast

With a blender you can make any kind of smoothie you want. If you have a Vitamix Blender- even better because you can keep the skin’s on and blend all the fiber into your drink too! During the winter you can use frozen fruit. I’m going to list must have ingredients and option ingredients and then you can make whatever you want!

Must have’s:
1 tsp. vanilla and 1 C. of milk or milk replacement (almond, hemp, coconut, rice) and 1 Tbsp. hemp seeds or wheat germ
sugar is optional, but if must: 1 tsp. organic honey or 1 tsp. Stevia
About Wheat Germ
Need more protein for an after workout drink? The following are great options for vegans, so NO animal product

    “Pea Protein” by Olynpian Labs Inc.: non-GMO, hypoallergenic, gluten free, soy free, and stevia 25 g. protein per serving

      “Soy-Free Veg Protein Booster” by Naturade: pea, potato and spirulina formula, non- GMO, calcium, B-12 fortified, added amino acids, added fiber and 21 g. protein per serving

      Banana’s, berries, seaweed (dulse), ice, pineapple, any green food, melons…

        Potato-Bean Casserole:

        This is great comfort food and night before the big match food. Your bodies going to store some of the good potato carbohydrates to be used later and it still has the protein from the beans to be well balanced. Protein and carbohydrate combinations make you feel fuller longer.

        1 bag small potatoes (organic) cut into 1/4 pieces and boiled
        Roasted at 400 degrees (put a sheet of tinfoil on your pan for easy clean up): Cut up into bite size pieces…
        1 sweet onion (medium sized)
        2 zucchini (or more to your liking)

        Pour some olive oil over vegetables on pan and sprinke on 1 TBSP. Thyme, 1 TBSP Basil, some sea salt and pepper

        On a separate piece of tinfoil, place bulb of garlic with ends trimmed off and extra paper removed and covered with olive oil. Close tin foil at top and put on  pan with vegetables. Roast for 30 min.

        When potatos are done (about 45 min. of boiling) drain and then put back in the hot pot with:

        2 Tbsp. Earth Balance Butter
        1/2 c. milk or replacement (almond, hemp, rice, coconut)
        1 TBSP. sea salt or Nu Salt
        1 bag shredded cheddar cheese or cheese replacement
        like this Rice – Cheeze Block that’s available at Whole Foods
        Add roasted vegetables
        Can of Cannelli White Beans
        Mix it all to cheeze is melted and potatoes are creamy.
        In large serving bowl, squirt the roasted garlic out of its paper into the bowl and smoosh till spreadable.
        Pour the potato-bean mix into the serving bowl and incorporate the garlic.
        Serve over raw spinach and olive oil to add a few greens to the meal.

        Roasted Vegetable and Polenta:

        I got started with this recipe from The Vegan Cook’s Bible and of course added my own twist to make things easier! Has all the carbs and protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber you need!

        4 celery stalks  chopped bite size
        4 carrots chopped bite size
        1 sweet yellow onion
        4 parsnips chopped bite size
        2 containers mushrooms pre-chopped for ease
        olive oil
        21 spice salute or favorites
        sea salt or salt substitute (Nu Salt) and pepper (fresh ground)
        2 rolls polenta with garlic or basil flavor
        large size container hummus (Trader Joes is AMAZING! I use the white bean basil with pine nuts)

        Put tin foil over you pan and toss all veggies with olive oil and 21 gun salute, salt, and pepper. Roast 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

        Meanwhile, slice polenta 1/4 in. and saute in pan with olive oil. When finished, salt and pepper on top, spread on lots of hummus and top with veggies. If your a real pro…make it pretty with some minced fresh cilantro and serve!

        Mediterranean Lemon Chicken

        I don’t eat meat, but if you still do and your looking for a lean meat meal for after a workout, then this is easy but good. It’s ready in an our and makes about 6 servings. 9grams of protein to 3 grams carbohydrates and 3 grams of fat

        1 lemon
        2 tsp. dried oregano
        3 cloves garlic, minced
        1 TBSP. olive oil
        1/4 tsp. sea salt
        1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
        6 skinless, boneless organic chicken halves
        Pre heat oven to 425. Grate half the lemon peel and squeeze out the juice (it helps if it’s warm and you roll on counter first).
        add peel with spices in a 9 X 13 baking dish. Cover and bake for 20 min. Turn and baste chicken.  Reduce heat to 400 and bake uncovered, basting every 10 min. for 30 more minutes. Serve chicken with pan juices and a little sprinkled parley over the top to make it pretty.
        Vegetarian fish eater option for after workout: Blackened Tuna
        This is a simple preparation that works well for salmon and other fish. The fat content is the olive oil and butter that you cook with mostly and can be left in pan when finished. It has 27 grams of protein, 0 carbohydrates, and 9 grams fat
        1 1/2 lbs. fresh tuna steaks, 1 in. thick
        3 TBSP. cajun seasoning
        2 TBSP olive oil
        2 TBSP butter or Earth Balance to cut the fat
        Generously coat tuna with Cajun seasoning. Heat in oil and butter in a large skillet over high heat. When oil is very hot (flows more like water than thick oil), place steaks in pan. Cook on one side for 3-4 min. or until blackened. Turn steaks, and cook for 3-4 min. or to desired doneness.

        Kale Chips

        Either grab a bag of kale or cut up a bunch into bite size pieces and space out onto pan so as not to crowded.

        Spray with olive oil (or first toss in olive oil in bowl)

        Sprinkle on fine sea salt and your favorite spices.  I like garlic pepper!

        Roast at 400 degrees in preheated oven for 10 min. or until crispy.

        One bag will shrink down into a small bowl that will satisfy one nights cravings for chips or snacks!