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Vitamins are an essential part of your everyday routine. Taken with communication with your pharmacist in order to alleviate any reactions with medication, vitamins can enhance your life.

Today vitamins are depleted in the food we eat through: time spent on store shelves and in shipping, during cooking, and in growing circumstances like soil erosion and chemicals.

We also lose vitamins in our body through: stress, exercise, chemicals, eating poorly, aging, and free radicals.

Vitamins work best in: combination’s that support one another, specific dosage, source, quality and age of material, lack of sun exposure, and lacking filler ingredients, additives, and colors.

A good multi vitamin is a place to start your vitamin routine. Then find a regime through reliable resources that best fits your unique circumstances.

To find out more information about any vitamin, go to the following websites:

Help Guide

Office of Dietary Supplements- National Institute of Health

The Vitamins and Nutrition Center

Dietary Supplements Label Data Base: National Library of Medicine

The following are some helpful books to create vitamin regimens for various ailments:

  • Carolyn Dean     “The Magnesium Miracle”
  • “Vitamins for Dummies”
Good cross the board look at all supplements and plans for tons of afflictions.
Learn about this macro nutrient, how important it is, and how most of us are magnesium deficient
  • Julia Ross             “The Mood Cure”
Supplement strategies for depression and other behavioral disorders.
What’s good for the heart is good for the brain.
  • Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker    “The Gerson Therapy”
Alternative healing for Cancer


A good company to purchase vitamins from:

Click on this image to purchase Andrew Lessman Vitamin's on line



Vitamins Sub groups:

Water soluble: (coenzymes: are needed to start a necessary process in the body)

B’s, C (anti oxidizing), and Choline (involved in acetycholine muscle actions)

B’s:  thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid, folate or folic acid, cyanocobalamine (B12), biotin

Fat soluble:

A: Anti oxidizing; 900 MG. COMPOSED OF: retinoids from animal sources (good for eyes) and

cartenoids from plant sources (needed more than retinoid)

There is no RDA for cartenoids

D: Body can synthesize (make on own) with 20 min. of direct sunlight a day

E: Anti oxidizing (attaches to free radicals removing them from body).

COMPOSED OF: a group of compounds that include

Tocopherols (more of in nature so easier to get)

Tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta)

K: Quinone family of compounds for blood clotting

A,E,C: Anti oxidizing; Are found in plant phytochemicals; There are more than a dozen classes.

3 classifications:

1st classification: Phenolic compounds: (large and varied group, good for heart disease)

Flavenoids: found in wine and grapes

Phenolic Acids: found in tea’s

2nd classification: Organosulphide compounds: (fights cancer)

Ellyl compounds: Garlic, onion, and cruceriferous brassica- broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts

3rd classification: cartenoids: (good for prostrate)

Lycopene- tomatoes (cooked) and pink fruits


Omega 3 Supplement:
Omega 3 are polysaturated fatty acids that must be obtained from what we eat. There are 3 different types: ALA,EPA, and DHA. Omega 3 is to your body as oil is to a car. Without it you’ll become a clunker with lots of aches pains and a bad attitude.

Taking or eating omega 3 will help against: ADHD, depression, cancer, M.S., migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, alzheimers, violent behavior, high blood pressure, constipation, poor sleep, dementia, eczema, huntington’s, lupus, asthma, and it also stimulates weight metabolism, regulates blood sugar which decreases hunger. Won over yet?

Sources can be found in: Salmon, flaxseeds and oil, walnuts, cloves, boiled cauliflower, mustard seeds, and greens,boiled cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce, spinach, halibut, dried oregano, tofu, brussel sprouts, scallops, tuna,strawberries, mackerel, raspberries…

It can be purchased in either soft gels or liquid, but should be kept in refridgerator. Flax seeds (ALA) should not be ground (IN A COFFEE GRINDER) any longer than 24 hours before using unless you’re keeping it in a mylar bag and in the fridge. Andrew Lessman vitamins seen above provides a good ratio of all three types of omega 3 in his supplement  for a reasonable price but you’ll need to make sure you take it with a multivitamin or a separate E supplement. The vitamin E neutralizes the oxidation of the fish oil in the body. If you would like to use a vitamin company that you are more familiar with, make sure: All 3 oils are in the supplement or use at least 2TBSP of flaxseed a day and find a supplement with 4:1 ratio of EPA to DHA at approx. 360 mg. to 240 mg. of fatty fish that has been checked for mercury.

If you want to eat your omega 3, check out the following website for a chart of which foods and amounts to eat to satisfy 1000 mg. a day…WHFood:omega-3 fatty acids

A good book for more on omega 3 is “The Brain Diet” by A. Logan.

Omega 3 does interact with certain prescribed medication such as blood thinners so your pharmacist should be consulted before taking with it with other medication. It increases fasting blood sugar levels as well.