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Business Wellness Programs

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Healthy Employee’s Make A Healthy Business

Transitions can provide your employees:

  • Educational seminars
  • Staff motivational activities and events for group cohesiveness
  • Ideas for healthier work environment
  • Individualized assistance

Spa’s and Doterra Essential Oils

We all know that beauty shines forth with health. Eating nutrients that support our system makes our skin glow and exercise releases releases a youth serum throughout our body that stops the aging process. Additionally, Doterra essential oils can detoxify contaminants that we come into contact with on a daily basis, keeping aging stess at bay with aroma therapy, and heal our bodies from attacking bacteria and viruses.

Doterra offers the only essential oil in the world that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  These oils really are essential to maintaining our health and beauty in the most ancient of all natural remedies known to man. The Egyptians used Frankincense for the black around their eyes for mind, body, and spirit. Doterra wouldn’t settle for anything less than the quality of what those pharaohs  used and found the best source of Frankincense in Oman for their oil.

That’s what makes Doterra the worlds best essential oils. Doterra searches the world for the best organic growers of healing plants, distills them with the finest equipment, and then has each batch of oil tested twice by an independent source to earn the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label.

And now equally exciting to the bottled oils that can used in spa’s for massage therapy and aroma therapy- an entire spa line of products. After a manicure, have your clients use Doterra scent free lotion and add a couple drops of oil that will give them a sense of well being for hours after their visit.

Give facials with the all new Doterra Facial Skin Care Line filled with the highest grade oils that money can buy. Wash their hair with Doterra Shampoo and Conditioner containing not perfume grade oils of other hair care lines, but Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil.  Because it doesn’t matter what your brand says it contains in the ingredients- if it’s not Doterra, it’s not the best.

And finally, use the best oils in the world and have it paid for by selling the product to your client. As wholesale distributors, you will be able to use and sell the product. The oils sell themselves every time they are smelled, but you may offer  informational seminars about the oils during a spa package you’ve sell to preferred clients. The options are unlimited as to how to enrich your spa with the luxury of the world’s best oils. Contact Kim or Nancy today to sit down with you about more options.

Chiropractors and Transitions

Chiropractors are alternative medicine practitioners. They understand that given the proper conditions, the body can produce its own healing. Spinal adjustment is sometimes what people need in order for their body to heal itself.  But if your clients aren’t taking care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit, your practice becomes a band aid for symptoms to other problems. Consequently, your clients come in for emergencies or only when necessary, or with insurance. Your patients need to understand how chiropractic care can become an affordable annual part of their routine for their health.

As a chiropractor there can be nothing worse than your client not seeing the long term benefits of your practice because of other areas that keep your clients from healing. I believe that’s why so many chiropractors concentrate on other wellness suggestions like nutrition and vitamins. But unless you have a degree in a nutrition, dabbling in nutrition advice is like me dabbling in chiropractic adjustments without the credentials. Furthermore, you don’t have the time or focus to follow through on nutrition pattern changes.

As referral partners with Transitions, your clients can achieve balance in all areas of their life which will make their chiropractic help long lasting and beneficial. Your clients will connect permanent health benefits from a well rounded approach to a combination of chiropractic care, nutrition, and life coaching. Contact Kim or Nancy today to discuss ideas about how we can best blend with your business.